I am a postdoctoral researcher in Clinical bioinformatics & Machine learning in translational single-cell biology group lead by Prof. Dr. Manfred Claassen. In this group, my work aims at machine and deep learning based integration of high-dimensional cytometry and radiomics data to identify and monitor cancer-immunotherapy responses.

I started my academic career as a computer science engineer working primarily on the application of spectral graph theory in complex systems. Later on, I moved into the field of Systems Biology to explore how system properties emerge from collective interactions of the components.

I hold a Dr.-Ing. degree (Magna cum laude) from the Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control (IST), University of Stuttgart, Germany (2019). My doctoral dissertation explores the origin of robustness and its characterization in biological signaling networks as well as in gene regulation from systems theoretic point of view.

During my academic journey so far, I have cultivated various fields/sub-fields that include complex networks, dynamical systems, mathematical modeling, systems biology, biomimetics, machine and deep learning in single-cell biology.